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Here’s another in another in a series of famous/popular gins that I’m giving a better treatment to. I think that my initial review of Gordon’s might not have given the same thorough treatment that I’ve given other gins. Given its status as one of the most senior gins out there [having been produced since 1769!] I think it would only be right to give it a more thorough review.

As before, the original review is still available if you want to see what we originally said.

In <100 Words

Ask some pedants “What’s your favorite Scottish gin” and they might reply “Gordon’s.” Although it originated in England, the UK version is currently distilled at Cameron Bridge in Scotland. The variation I have was not distilled in Scotland, it was distilled in Canada, and bottled in Norwalk, Connecticut. Gordon’s is truly international. So the idea that it’s of the place where it is distilled is somewhat nonsensical. It is British in origin, but it’s provenance has transcended the place where grain is turned into gin.  It’s purported to have at least four botanicals in it. Juniper, coriander and angelica are oft repeated and likely to definitely be among the bill.

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Gin News [February 14th, 2014]

Japanese Gin from Cambridge Distillery

Apologies we’re a little late on this one, was judging spirits with the American Distilling Institute this past week up in Seattle.

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Who Else is Talking About Gin?

Second Opinions

    The Gin Queen reviews Botanic Australis. “And so it is. A hint of juniper, a mouthful of warmth and then the botanicals play a fandango (look it up) in your mouth.” Good Spirits News reviews Old English Gin (): ” Quite smooth and very much in the tradition of drier English styles (as opposed to the malty Dutch versions).

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Gin News [January 31st, 2014]

vikre gins

What a week for launches, with a couple unexpected names gracing our list:

What’s New?

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