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Gordon’s Elderflower Gin


Gordon’s stands in stark contrast to some of the other UK Big Names in terms of how they’re addressing the contemporary gin explosion. Whereas Greenall’s () more contemporary offshoots are branded under names like Bloom () and Berkeley Square (), which stand apart from the main brand; Gordon’s does no such thing. Have a gin that features cucumber: call it Gordon’s Cucumber Gin ().  If you put out an Elderflower, just call it Gordon’s Elderflower. Gordon’s remains all-business, and is clearly a testament to the strength they have in their name: despite the much ballyhooed seven-figure advertising budget for their gin,  Gordon’s thinks that flop or success, the name Gordon’s is capable of making it.

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One of the biggest names and brands in the world of gin looks to capitalize on the growing gin market, in particular growing contemporary gin market, with their second flavor in as many years. The consumer cocktail market for elderflower and elderflower flavored things, shows no signs of abating [in spite of bartenders the world around deriding it as the “ketchup of the cocktail world]. On-trend and on-mark, it’s built for gin and tonics and is also available in a pre-mixed canned G&T across the UK.

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Gin News [January 31st, 2014]

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What a week for launches, with a couple unexpected names gracing our list:

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