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Happy Independence/Gindependence Day

Independence day is a day dear to the American gin drinker’s heart. Just as our forefathe’s declared their¬†independence¬†from England in 1776, gin distillers in the United States have proudly declared their GINDEPENDENCE (ha! get it?) from the UK in the last few years by truly making gin their very own.

The UK has abdicated its throne of gin, as the London Dry formula has been absorbed into America’s frontiers and Americans have innovated in now hundreds of new ways and truly created a kind of gin that is their own. Sure, the press has called it “New Western” or “New American,” but I prefer not to rely on these sort of geographical distinctions. I simply call this bold experimentation “contemporary,” and although at its heart it is quintessentially American and indeed “new” when considering gin’s illustrious heritage, I don’t think these should be the definition.

From the prairies [River Rose Gin], the mountains [Ridge Distillery’s Silvertip] and the Oceans- white with foam [Gale Force]! Cheers America! Happy Independence Day!

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