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Cooking With Gin – Gin Popcorn

Gin Popcorn, with lime.

Gin Popcorn, with lime.

Hello friends, Gin wife here. I’m here to share with you the beauty of gin as an ingredient in food – you know, the kind you eat! With your hands, or whatever! I have several experiments in the kitchen I’d like to share with you. Some are, well, mistakes and I urge you to take them as cautionary tales. Some, however, are delicious, and I urge you to try them out! Many gin recipes will be shared.

Today, we will be discussing a gin recipe for Gin Popcorn. Yes, popcorn…with gin! It’s a lovely, light, sweet n’ salty snack that is sure to please your palate. It’s an easy introduction to fancy popcorn and candying all sorts of things.

A note of safety before we begin: I’d consider this to be a snack with low-levels of alcohol in it, it doesn’t necessarily all cook out. (That may be a bonus more so than a caution, so take it as you will.) Also, wear long sleeves and at least underpants. Burning sugar is excruciating if you get some on your skin. Safety first! And you won’t have to worry about weird sugar burns.

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International Gin: Canada Edition

Hello friends.

It’s the gin wife, here today to speak about a recent vacation to Canada, and the gin-inspered fervor it inspired. (In Aaron, that is, I was more interested in all the flavors of chips and saying “Washroom” instead of “Restroom”.) We visited Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island – you should as well, reader! They are fun places.

Poutine is delicious.

But it was on that trip that I realized the Gin Never Sleeps. The urge to seek out the locally made gins runs deep – so deep that I’m fairly certain in a week and a half we visited 6 liquor stores. (You are welcome, the tax gatherers of Canada. We support you.) We obtained five Canadian gins, which Aaron will be discussing in detail in the coming days: Ungava (which he has apparently already reviewed in the past, but now he has his very own big bottle), Prince Edward Island Gin, Shiver Gin, Lemon Gin, and Iceberg Gin.

There is no rest for the gin taster.

Until Aaron can fill you in on the details, I will give you a brief set of opinions on the gin from my very own, supertaster palette regarding the last three gins in the list.

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The Gin Wife Compares Green Hat Gin to Seasonal Green Hat Gin

Hello gin world. The Gin Wife here, reporting in “live” from our kitchen to discuss and compare Green Hat’s new seasonal gin. (Worry not, dear readers, for Aaron will also be giving his take.)

The Gin Husband a.k.a. Aaron has reviewed Green Hat Gin before here. I quote, “Floral, with a bit of lemon and a jam. Bright, vibrant, contemporary styled gin but with juniper in the background. Very smooth and very drinkable.”

Twin Gins

I am mostly in agreement. I will add that I distinctly smell bananas in this gin – not real bananas. Those crazy runt banana candies that came out of filthy coin operated machines that my parents unwittingly let me eat. (Now they sell them in boxes!) I think I once saw just the bananas sold in bulk at a supermarket once. They were clearly the best of the bunch.  (Ha! Get it?) Come to think of it, I’m not sure they’re actually banana flavored. It may be some crazy citrus combination, which would make sense.


I kept telling Aaron that I smelled banana, and I’m sure he still thinks I’m crazy. But I greatly enjoyed the Green Hat Gin and the nostalgia of questionable candy.

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A Gin Wife’s Retrospective

“A Year Two Years of Being a Gin Wife”

I commented to the Gin-Husband today, “Gee your blog is a whole year old!” I thought, ah, I am such a supportive spouse. He will know that I keep a keen eye on his blog! I am interested in his works!

He responds, “It’s…two years old.” <Insert a frowning face>

Damn. Good thing I know, uh….I know how to….dust? Yeah, I kept our apartment free of dust. I’m good for something.

Happy two years of gin drinking and writing.

In the spirit of anniversaries, I’ve compiled a list of new experiences gin, and blogging thusly, has brought to my life. It’s the season of lists, right? Better than a list of resolutions I’m never, ever going to follow. (In fact, as a tangent, I’ve had a standing resolution for about ten years: No New Year’s resolutions. It’s worked out surprisingly well.)

Without further frippery or ostentatious verbosity, I present: A Gin Wife’s Retrospective, What Gin has Taught Me, by Katey, age 28

1. Gin makes your  house smells like pine trees, even in July.

…Pine trees on fire.

2. Space will be lost for my secret stashes of yarn, to be replaced by gin.

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