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What Gin drinks do you think are essential?

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Rethinking the Canon?

Those of you who’ve read The Craft of Gin, know that I kind of like this idea of the Gin Cocktail Canon. So that when I review a gin, I cover as many of the cocktails and drinks that gin drinkers use as a “benchmark” for what makes a good gin.

Today I’m coming back to you, the readers. I want to know: what drinks do you consider essential when you evaluate a gin? Are you a woman who likes her martinis? Or a guy who won’t consider a gin worth its salt if it can’t stand up in the Ramos Gin Fizz.

I’ll post the results here in a couple weeks. But most importantly, I’ll use this to help me decide which drinks I use to evaluate gin in the future here.

Thanks for reading, and looking forward to hearing your votes for the essential gin drink.

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