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Cooking With Gin – Gin Popcorn

Gin Popcorn, with lime.

Gin Popcorn, with lime.

Hello friends, Gin wife here. I’m here to share with you the beauty of gin as an ingredient in food – you know, the kind you eat! With your hands, or whatever! I have several experiments in the kitchen I’d like to share with you. Some are, well, mistakes and I urge you to take them as cautionary tales. Some, however, are delicious, and I urge you to try them out! Many gin recipes will be shared.

Today, we will be discussing a gin recipe for Gin Popcorn. Yes, popcorn…with gin! It’s a lovely, light, sweet n’ salty snack that is sure to please your palate. It’s an easy introduction to fancy popcorn and candying all sorts of things.

A note of safety before we begin: I’d consider this to be a snack with low-levels of alcohol in it, it doesn’t necessarily all cook out. (That may be a bonus more so than a caution, so take it as you will.) Also, wear long sleeves and at least underpants. Burning sugar is excruciating if you get some on your skin. Safety first! And you won’t have to worry about weird sugar burns.

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