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The Gin Palace

The Gin Palace burst on to the scene with a bit of a buzz this summer, a buzz which was covered in the Times and Wall Street Journal Thanks to a high-profile run in with the State Liquor Authority.

June 13th, 2012: Gin Palace Opens with Gin and Tonic on tap July 5th, 2012: State Turns off the taps due to prohibition era restriction on pouring liquor into another bottle before serving it. August 15th, 2012: The Gin and Tonic on tap begins flowing once again

Since this kind of press is hardly bad press, there was a definite buss about the Gin Palace’s taps that quickly put this bar at the top of my to-visit list.

What’s Good? First, the prices. Definitely more affordable than your average gin bar. A top notch gin selection, but perhaps a bit more heavy on the UK gins than on American craft gins. That being said, its a good mix and one with a flavor for every palette. Luxurious and beautiful looking inside, it kind of has a goth club gin den sort of vibe when you walk in. The cocktails are good, the MI5 I found to be quite good [one of these variations on the Negroni formula, Gin, Vermouth, Cynar and Applejack], as well as their house Gin and Tonic.

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