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Best Tracks of 2012

Every year, I like to pretend that I’m a music critic for a short couple of days. And every year, you humor me. Either by skipping this post in your RSS feed, or just being too busy with the holidays to read it.

But something crazy has happened in the last year. We kind of blew up. We got big. The Gin is In is no longer just a little slice of the internet that I happen to occupy, but instead its a place where a lot of people seek out advice on gin.

Well, I don’t want to let you down. But this is a big part of the tradition around here. So if you’re not interested in what I’ve been listening to this year, skip on ahead. We’ll be back with gin reviews next week. In the meantime, Happy Holidays and New Year. Here’s my top 15 tracks of 2012!

Near Misses: Shearwater’s “Animal Life,” Twin Shadow’s “Five Seconds,” Diamond Rings’ “I’m just me,” and Regina Spektor’s, “All the Rowboats.”

# – Artist Title —

15 Mary Onettes Evil Coast   With a chilly sound that evokes the feeling of their homeland- Sweden, this song has been on my playlist non stop since the single came out in November.

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Top 7 songs about gin // R.I.P. Gin Music Fridays

Well, I get it. I really, really get it. I checked out my stats and realized that my “gin music Fridays” are by far my most unpopular feature on this blog. That’s alright, I get it. There’s nothing personal in it. I suppose I should have known before, but I was in denial. I thought I could make this work.

But like I said, in checking the stats and seeing that pretty much every gin Friday entry was at the bottom (one after another), and that the entry that I had posted 5 minutes before this screenshot was captured (Gin Commercials) already had more hits, I knew it was time. So let’s go out with a bang. I know the foundation of the internet is “put it in a list” and its instantly better. So that’s what I’ll do. Here’s a countdown of the authoritative guide to gin in music. The top 7 songs about gin. And I promise, you’ll never have to see another blog about music ever again.

#7 // Billy Joel’s “Piano Man”

# 6 // Reverent Horton Heat’s Gin and Tonic Blues

#5 // Big Bad Voodoo Daddy’s You, Me and the Bottle make Three Tonight

#4 // Tom Waits’ Gin Soaked Boy

#3 // Muddy Waters’ I’m Ready

#2 // Snoop Doggy Dogg’s Gin and Juice


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The Best Albums of 2011:

In continuing my wholly unnecessary fantasy of being a music blogger, I’m going to run off a list of my top 10 favorite albums of the year. I will also disclose a bias here. I am a huge fan of albums, even in .mp3 format. I think its satisfying to listen to a series of songs from cover to cover. I know, its not a rather common perspective but that might explain why for me, this list is really the best gauge of what I’ve listened to over the past 12 months.

#10 Kate Bush –  50 Words for Snow // Often these lists slant towards the earlier because I’ve had months to pour over. But this album wowed me when I heard it. There’s a lot of stand out tracks on here, but the songwriting is some of the best I’ve heard on album this year.


#9 Youth Lagoon – Year of Hibernation // Somewhere between the twee whistling and the breathy vocals is one of the most compelling records of the year. It reminds me of a chillcore adapation of Peter Bjorn and John, but to reduce it to just that would be doing them a disservice. 

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The Gin is In’s Top 15 songs of 2011

#15: The Antlers – Every Night my Teeth are Falling out // Who hasn’t had this dream? And somehow they are able to make it into an enjoyable song? I had this song caught in my head nearly every morning for a month this summer. 

#14: The War on Drugs – Brothers // I know this song sort of has a bit of a Bob Dylanesque feel too. I’m such a sucker for songs that seem to invoke the feelings of the open road. 

#13: The Rapture – How Deep is your Love // The piano line on this is pure pop gold. And by the time that reedy sax solo comes out of nowhere halfway through, if you don’t start moving, I’d see a doctor- because you may be dead. 

#12: The Mountain Goats – Damn These Vampires // John Darnielle may be this generation’s finest songwriters. The sparse arrangement lends a certain gravity and allows the fine lyrics to come to the front. 

#11: Kate Bush – 50 Words for Snow // There’s something pretentious about this song. But there’s also something brilliant about the breathy, almost romantic call and response that encompasses the entirety of this nearly ten minute opus. 

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Celebrating 2 Years of the Gin is In?

I bought this domain just a hair over 2 years ago, and January 2010 was my first post. I asked myself the somewhat rhetorical question “Is Gin In?”  To which I obviously answered in the affirmative.

Two years later, I don’t think there is a doubt. Gin is cool, Gin is hip, there’s more exotic gins on the market now than there ever was. New gins are coming out every week and month. Its an exciting time to be a gin blogger, and I’m really excited that you’ve been here with me for the past two years. I also hope you stick around because I think things are going to be getting more exciting because I haven’t even scratched the surface of the mind boggling bounty of gins that await my taste-buds.

But now a bit of a personal-confession. Around the time I bought and began constructing this blog I bought another domain: I had aspirations of being an mp3 blogger. I think music blogging was my first writing love. There’s hints of my writing on the internet. I vainly for years tried to join Splendid E-zine as a reviewer.

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Gin Music Fridays w/ Billy Joel

In all of pop music there is one portrait of the kind of person who appreciates gin and tonic that I think is most enduring, and perhaps part of the culture which has painted gin as an “old man’s” drink. Before many of us are even ten, we’ve heard this song- and Billy Joel’s crystal clear vocals teach us about gin.

So I’m mixed on highlighting this song. But others have pointed this one that as I highlight more obscure bands that make reference to gin, I have neglected to mention the most popular and well known song that talks about gin.

It’s nine o’clock on a Saturday The regular crowd shuffles in There’s an old man sitting next to me Makin’ love to his tonic and gin

Gin isn’t an old man’s drink anymore Billy, but go on- play that piano anyway!

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Gin Music Fridays w/ Civet

Civet is four piece punk rock outfit from Long Beach. “Gin and Tonic” is a track from their 2008 album “Hell Hath No Fury.”

Gin and tonic, hit the floor I’ll be comin’ back for more ‘Cause baby, that’s the way I like it And I know I have to be strong To hold on to what we once had But now it’s gone

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Gin Music Fridays w/ The Ramones

If this song doesn’t get you fired up for the weekend, I’m not sure what will.

Tanqueray and tonic’s my favorite drink I don’t like anything colored pink

Okay, get these men some gin and tonics. And don’t even think about serving them a Pink Gin.


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