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The Gin Wife Compares Green Hat Gin to Seasonal Green Hat Gin

Hello gin world. The Gin Wife here, reporting in “live” from our kitchen to discuss and compare Green Hat’s new seasonal gin. (Worry not, dear readers, for Aaron will also be giving his take.)

The Gin Husband a.k.a. Aaron has reviewed Green Hat Gin before here. I quote, “Floral, with a bit of lemon and a jam. Bright, vibrant, contemporary styled gin but with juniper in the background. Very smooth and very drinkable.”

Twin Gins

I am mostly in agreement. I will add that I distinctly smell bananas in this gin – not real bananas. Those crazy runt banana candies that came out of filthy coin operated machines that my parents unwittingly let me eat. (Now they sell them in boxes!) I think I once saw just the bananas sold in bulk at a supermarket once. They were clearly the best of the bunch.  (Ha! Get it?) Come to think of it, I’m not sure they’re actually banana flavored. It may be some crazy citrus combination, which would make sense.


I kept telling Aaron that I smelled banana, and I’m sure he still thinks I’m crazy. But I greatly enjoyed the Green Hat Gin and the nostalgia of questionable candy.

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