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and 5 more Gin Advertisements

What’s in a Gin’s name? In particular a name like “House of Lords.” Which for those of you who aren’t familiar with the British system, the House of Lords  is the Upper House in the parliament, consisting entirely of appointed elites.

Here Come the 1960’s. A time of revolution. And a name like “House of Lords” which at one point probably was aspirational for many British citizens, the name now embodied a sort of starchy entitled elite. Anyway, that’s enough government talk.

Sometimes you can resist your name and rebrand yourself for a new market. Other times, you can try way too hard. And no, we won’t send you that tie. We’re that edgy.

Sometimes I think I give Gordon’s too hard of a time. I mean, they try. And they tend to advertise more than other gins, so there’s just that much more material to work with.

So of course there’s this “supah” gem. Two inebriated cops, one floating Billy club, and a tagline extolling how Gordon’s (product of the USA) helps our overseas friends keep their “gin” [sic, chin] up.

Boodles: $24 / 1.75 L 

Is this tongue and cheek?

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Other Thoughts

5 Advertisements for Gins that Benefited from the Inclusion of Dogs

What can I say, since we last visited the annals of ginvertising (get it?!) I’ve uncovered a few more gems. Let’s hop back in our time machines and head back to the golden era of liquor advertisements.

This short story seems wholly bizarre and unto itself. First we’re introduced to our characters. We hear a story about a dog, some police and Gerald’s adventuresome youth? When suddenly out of nowhere bursts this non-sequitur about Rose’s Lime Juice? Yeah. And instead of mixing, let’s basically dilute it. And so we did, in indifferent Greek!

Fleischmann’s Gin seemed to be on to something here. These dogs despite their arduous lives in the glamorous wild have been painstakingly trained by their owners to deny their instinct and point their way to the local liquor store. Dog lover’s rejoice, fetch never need be boring ever again!

Just when you wondered if there was anything dogs couldn’t do in a gin ad, you’re proven wrong again. Can you reinforce a negative stereotype about men and women while creating a rather memorable three line poem? Yep, you can.

But I’m rather amazed, that these two rather ordinary dogs lie about outside while one dog simultaneously makes cocktails and dinner at the same time.

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Other Thoughts

5 Amusing Gin Advertisements from Yesteryear

I don’t like to get in a habit of making light of the past. I’m sure that in thirty years many of our modern tropes will be laughable; our advertising comical and outdated. Many good things have come from the past. Old Cocktail book? They sure don’t make them like the used to.

Anyway, that aside there have been some particularly amusing moments from gin’s long and illustrious advertising history. Now a brief look at how far we’ve come and where our favorite liquor once was.

“My Dear- why don’t you do as I suggest?” This sounds like an awkward situation at the bar. And there’s something about the fact that this medicine is coming out of the “sideboard” rather than a “pharmacy” that just adds to the rather bizarre ambiance set in this old ad.

Also why does one need to differentiate between regular old gin and “the gin that has medicinal properties”? What botanical did Gordon’s have that would set you right at once? I suspect it was the alcohol, but I remain open-minded.

How far we’ve come in half a decade Gordon’s.

It’s not unusual for an advertisement to make an appeal to expertise.

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Spring 44 w/ Fentiman’s Tonic

Those of you tired of hearing about Fentiman’s tonic will be glad to know that this will be among the last mentions for a while. My local store which had been stocking it, no longer seems to be. So now good tonic water is a difficult to obtain commodity.

But in the meantime let me rave about this combination. I think the Fentiman’s helps bring out Spring 44’s floral side making for a more New American style gin and tonic.

Of course, also worth pointing out because I’m a huge hockey fan and have never seen a gin ad at a hockey rink before, apparently Spring 44 is the official gin sponsor at MSG.  But although I’m a huge fan of gin and enjoy Spring 44 gin, I am still a Buffalo Sabres fan first!

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