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Gilpin’s Westmorland Extra Dry Gin


With the Olympics ramping up, I thought it would be a good time to take a brief break from the stateside focus and give some press to the still active distillation scene of London. Gilpin’s Westmorland Extra Dry Gin is a London Dry style gin that is actually pot distilled within the London City limits.

The Nose is rather classic in character. Notes of juniper and citrus. Lemon predominates and it clearly states its position as a dry gin right up front. The taste is sharp and piquant with an emphasized drying sensation. It does indeed taste a bit more of its strength on the palette, there is a pronounced alcohol burn, although tightly bound between the initial juniper burst and the dry earthy tail. The gin has a silky, oily character and each of the clearly dilineated botanicals takes a moment in the spotlight. Begins with juniper, before shifting to citrus. That’s where the burn comes in and  a faint hint of borage, then it leaves you with a coriander spice and an earthy character indicative or Angelica.

Overall, it has a nicely balanced character which would likely suggest it for any number of cocktails.

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