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Gift Guide 2010: Part III

So you’ve bought your gin-lover a book. and you’ve bought your gin-lover a bottle. But you want to add that extra special touch. That something unique that shows you really thought about how much they love gin. I have a few perfect suggestions.

Hallmark ornaments are so last year. This year, why not give your gin lover an ornament that really says “I love gin.”  This gin ornament hands proudly reminding family and decorators alike that a Gin and Tonic is the perfect antidote to the winter blues. For the purists who want to make sure that their favorite drink is well represented on their holiday tree, they also sell a lime ornament.

You can’t distill at home legally, but you can mix your own gins with the Sacred Spirits Company ‘Gin Making Kit.‘  They give you a bottle of neutral spirit, and several botanical distillates to create your own flavor combinations. Since the legal definition is only “spirit flavored with juniper” this qualifies legally as gin. And it just may give the wannabe distiller in your life something to tide them over until distillation is legal.

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Other Thoughts

Holiday Gift Guide 2010: Liquors

As I hinted at yesterday, it’s been a good year for drinking. There’s plenty of fabulous gins out on the shelf at this very moment that would perfect for the gin (or even non-gin) lover in your life.

First, I start with a classic, a gin that I think is perfect for anyone in your life who loves a good drink. Hendrick’s Gin has won “Gin of the year” and has been voted “World’s best Gin” in its ten year history- and with good reason. It has 11 Botanicals, among which are coriander, lemon, sage, juniper, Angelica and Orris root. But what really sets it apart is the cucumber and rose petal infusion which gives it a distinctive aroma. This perfect harmony appeals to even the vodka drinkers in all of our lives. So its okay to give them a nudge in the right direction and give them a bottle of Hendrick’s.  You don’t even need to be told, its definitely okay to give to the gin drinker in your life. Trust me. The Gin is In Review (4.5 / 5) / Hendricks’ Website / The Unusual Times P.S.: Thanks to Lauren for the lovely bottle of the World’s Most Unusual Gin.

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Holiday Gift Guide 2010: Books

2010 has been a good year. I’ve read a lot, and more importantly, I’ve drank a lot. But I know not everyone has been as fortunate as I was this year, so I’ve created a gift guide so that you can help yourself (and others) catch up with the year in cocktailing 2010.

Literature for the gin-lover in your life.

My favorite book of 2010 has to be Jason Wilson’s Boozehound. While not strictly “gin-centric,” Wilson takes the reader on a travel narrative style  journey around the world of booze. For me, this book opened up the once mysterious world of aperitifs and digestifs. But his journeys take him far and wide and to every drink under the sun (except vodka). Highly recommended reading for anyone in your life who enjoyed traveling, drinking, and both. Link: $15.63

I have a ton of cocktail books. I also read a ton of cocktail blogs. To get me to buy a cocktail book it takes something rather special. How to Booze: Exquisite Cocktails and Unsound Advice is that special kind of cocktail book. For every malady of love and life, Jordan Kaye and Marshall Altier recommend the perfect drink.

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