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Mixer Tonic Water [Sam’s Choice, a.k.a. WalMart Store Brand]


Another store brand tonic water you say?! Aren’t they all the same?

I wouldn’t be reviewing it if they were. There are some quite good ones, such as Whole Foods. And there are the really bad ones, such as Vintage.

Somewhere in the middle of those two is Mixer. It won’t be mistaken for a craft tonic water. But it gets the job done as many of the main brands like Canada Dry or Polar.

Mixer is a little less bitter than other tonic waters, even its American plastic bottle compatriots. Schweppes is probably twice as strong in terms of quinine. That’s not to say there’s none. There’s a hint of it, just a nice bitterness on the closing to compliment the gin.

It’s rather mild compared to other store tonics. Still sweet. The high fructose corn syrup sweetness is in here. Not a lot of depth in terms of flavor.

Sweet, but less sweet than other similar kinds. Bitter, but much less bitter than other similar ones.

I found Mixer tonic water to be a good tool for getting the job done, and at this price point it definitely works.

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