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Fleischmann’s Extra Dry Gin


Charles Louis Fleischmann, along with his brother, produced America’s first commercial yeast product. He revolutionized baking bread in America. Founded in 1868, the very same plant became home to America first distilled dry gin and vodka. The label proudly declares itself “America’s first gin,” and why not? Surely our architecture can’t compete with the half-a-millennia or older buildings that are routine across England, but its curious that James Burrough’s 1876 founding of Beefeater earns him founding father status in gin history, but the Fleischmann brothers are mere footnotes. The gin is as classic, and as old, as many of those, and yet rarely earns a mention in the same breath…

Tasting Notes

Juniper and spicy, dusty coriander on the nose, while an intimation of celery and pine hovers in the background. The palate itself is smooth and rich. It begins quietly, biding its time while juniper builds. Mid-palate, you won’t be mistaken for what you’re drinking. Dusty coriander again, comes on mid and ushers in the finish. A twist of lemon hovers in the background, and pine-note heavy juniper delivers a crispness and astringency to the finish. The finish does have a slight sweet off-note, faintly of acetone.

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