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Carbonated Gin

Whenever I hear something like “it’s not possible to do something!” [particularly in the kitchen], it sounds to me like a challenge.

With carbonated liqueurs making appearances now in liquor stores, the most logical next step in my opinion is carbonated spirits. The logic in this is clear: it seems that more serious cocktail craft is here to stay. And with that, more folks drinking “neat” or heady drinks made mostly of alcohol with a single block of ice in it. Cocktail craft is about emphasis of the spirits and high quality ingredients. Diluting your spirit with extra ice, water, or worse soda water is something best left to dive bars and amateur night. Carbonating spirits seems the perfect way to get that burst of fizz that makes effervescent drinks such a pleasure to enjoy without shifting attention away from the alcohol. You see where I’m going with this?

I recently got two refills for my soda stream carbonator. So it was time to go to work.

On Process and some misunderstandings First and foremost, yes it is possible to carbonate spirits but “The solubility of CO2 in all of the alcohol…decreases as temperature increases and pressure decreases”* There is less surface tension in alcohol than in water, so the higher the proof of your spirit, the quicker the carbonation will dissipate; therefore there are a couple of key things to consider when making a carbonate spirit.

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