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Figure 19

Somewhere on the Lower East Side is an art gallery. That’s not an art gallery. But a place where a carefully placed door in the back opens up into a true speakeasy.


What’s Good The drinks are good, and although the selection is small, the choice of liquors- particularly gin- is rather small, the drinks on the menu more than made up for  it. I had a gin drink with vanilla and egg, and it tasted exquisite: dessert in a glass.

The atmosphere around 9 on a weekend night was immaculate. Not too crowded. Great Drinks. Tons of taxidermy. Chandeliers hanging overhead, a well appointed fireplace that looked a century old adorned with candles. A very nice feel, warm, cozy. It was quiet and felt somewhat private. It was a great place, the kind of place I could see myself going on a regular basis. I was going to try and ask about becoming a member….

What’s Not so Good …and that’s when around 10:30-11 o’clock hit. The chill bar with an aggressive door policy was overrun. Not just with folks, but a certain kind of folk. Well dressed. Weekend suits.

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