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Colonel Fox’s London Dry Gin


First thing you notice is the charming, dapper, gentleman on the bottle. Colonel Fox has quite a back story, dating back to the 19th century he traveled the globe, hobnobbed with royalty and happened across a gin recipe, the one that you’re tasting here. The gin you taste here is based on that story and was launched in the UK in 2012.


Oily, unctuous nose rife with chiefly classic gin aromas: bitter orange zest, piney, thick, juniper with a forested character about it. Hint of angelica and earthy depth a bit lower. But very, very, very classic.

The palate is surprisingly mundane, however. Quiet and exceptionally hot for its 40% ABV. Juniper holds court throughout the palate, with orange coming on mid-palate just as the roaring din of the spirit overpowers. A pleasant, slightly warm, spiced aftertaste with cassia and juniper. The finish is more on the short end of things, with the heat being the last thing to fade.

It’s certainly a warming gin, and one who has some loud moments in the taste. Classic gin lovers will probably find its to be a good mixer, but also one that might be closer to that guest who is a little bit too loud when telling a joke at a party.

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