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Top 10s

Top 10 Tonic Waters

Navy Strength Gin and Tonic

Since our last update in 2012, we’ve reviewed a  lot more Tonic waters and syrups. Being one of our most popular features (ever) written, we felt it time to update based on several years of additional research. As always, you can check out our entire tonic review archive and search for your personal favorites.

A couple of quick considerations and notes: The list does not correspond directly with our star ratings (though there are many highly rated tonics on here). It instead looks at a tonic and how well it works in a wide range of G&T’s. It’s a guideline for what might be the most versatile, general recommendation. For those looking for something more specific, there are lots of excellent tonics that don’t appear here, even though we love them.

Also, tonic waters and syrups appear side by side on this year’s list, though we may break them out in the future. I’m curious to hear what you think, do you consider tonic waters and syrups side by side? Or are they their own thing? Let me know in the comments. Without further ado, here’s your top 10 for 2015.

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Other Thoughts

Miller’s 10th Anniversary Gin

Special thanks to David at Summer Fruit Cup for sending me a small sample of Martin Miller’s very special limited edition gin.

Its hard to write a complete review of Martin Miller’s Anniversary Strength gin as there was only a small quantity. So instead of a formal complete review, I’ll give a brief summary of impressions and include some photographs, taken by friend David Pierro.

The Baseline: Miller’s gin

Martin Miller’s gin is among my favorites (See review from September 2010) already so clearly I was excited at the chance to taste his award winning special anniversary higher-proof gin that was put out to celebrate their 10th year of making gin. For those of you who need some catching up with the story and what I like about their main offerings, here is a quote from my previous review:

and the 10th Annniversary

The official 10th Anniversary was in August 2009, so I am a little bit late to the celebration right here.

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