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Tonic Water

Review: Fentiman’s Tonic Water


Today we’re re-visiting a favorite feature of the past. ¬†Fentiman’s Tonic Water was one of the notable omissions from the winter series. Although I’ve had it, and enjoyed it before, I didn’t have ready access to it in order to do a proper review. Fortunately, a supermarket near me now stocks it, and Fentiman’s has gone from an obscure oddity to a regular presence in my fridge.

The first thing you’ll notice about Fentiman’s is the strong herbal notes. Lemongrass is prominent and almost the dominant counterpart to the quinine. Its not as sweet as other tonics, opting for cane sugar over high fructose corn syrup giving it a sharper sweetness. One of the best features is that it seems more carbonated than other tonics. It tastes and feels fizzier, meaning your gin and tonic will stay fizzier longer.

The only major drawback I can think of in terms of gin and tonic is that it is the most expensive per oz. of all of the high end tonics. I’m not saying its not worth it for serious gin and tonic drinkers, but it’s likely not your best bet for a party.

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