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Edgerton Pink


Colors sometimes carry preconceived notions with them. With something brown, you might expect something to taste complex and harsh. But with Pink? I know that I expected Edgerton Original Pink Dry Gin to taste “easy,” “smooth,” and a bit “fruity.” Boy was I wrong. One out of Three isn’t bad, right? Not every guess can meet the Meat Loaf Standard.

Nose/Palette The first thing you notice when taking a sniff of Edgerton Pink Gin is that it smells of sweet fruit, largely owing to the Pomegranate added post-distillation. The scent lures you in. Sweet, appetizing. So you go in for a taste.

AND BAM. It Hits You. 

The Taste is harsh. A pop of tart sweetness immediately dissipates in a sharp burst of heat. The tartness is overwhelming. Lots of sourness, and not a lot of complexity. I can pick up some notes of juniper on the middle of my tongue. There’s a slight pause between the initial burst of heat and the lingering sour finish. I’m not sure the window in the middle is big enough to really reveal the depth and range of botanicals in here.

The heat largely owes to the proof.  

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