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Clear Creek’s Douglas Fir Eau De Vie

Have I gone off the deep end?

Have I gone mad?

This is a gin blog! I’ve spent the entire time writing this blog trying to diffuse the notion that gin tastes like burning pine needles. And now? I have the audacity to review a liquor that tastes like fir specifically because I think this particular Eau De

Tasting:Vie will appeal to folks who enjoy gin. Let me make the case that if you are going to serve an aperitif/digestif this holiday season, this is the one to choose.

It immediately and recognizable smells like pine. Up until this point, the only time I had ever had anything flavored like fir had been a sorbet I had at the London NYC. That was subtle, but distinctly pine. This is a little more in your face. It reminds me of the smell of that place where we cut down our own Christmas tree a few years ago. And this is where I think it makes a good accompaniment to decorating the tree, or other holiday festivities.

To those who dislike gin because it “tastes like burning pine needle” (in 2012, can we put this false notion behind us?) they will likely dislike this for that reason exactly.

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