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Negroni Week w/ Old Raj

Dolin’s Rouge is one of my favorite varieties of sweet Vermouth. It tastes thicker than Martini & Rossi. It is lighter than most other Vermouths, and I think makes it an excellent counterpoint to the a thick full bodied Campari (but more on that later). Dolin has a strong bouquet reminiscent of caramel and dried fruit, but unlike many sweet Vermouths it isn’t exceptionally sweet. Its well balanced with sufficient complexity as a good dessert wine ought to have. It has a palette cleansing bitterness at the end, which makes it ideal as an aperitif and a Vermouth in true aperitif fashion (and perhaps ideal for an aperitif cocktail). Although I’ve expressed preference for Vya in the past, I want to say that Dolin Rouge is a very near second.

Old Raj’s 110 proof is a strong and flavorful gin. Warm, Silky, and almost luxurious tasting as a result of the Safron that has been added to the mix. I tend to be biased towards stronger gins in the Negroni, because of the opinionated and strong co-stars in this cocktail.

For this Negroni, as the Dolin Rouge brings flavor, but not the thickness of some other Vermouths, the trick is to thicken up the Campari.

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