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DH Krahn Gin

dh krahn gin

Krahn has been on the lower shelf of my neighborhood liquor store for a long time. And for some reason I was always reluctant to try. It was the last gin that they stock that I bought.  And once I had it at home and began mixing with it, I was not sure why I had taken so long. It was actually quite excellent. First a bit of background on DH Krahn gin. Its an upstate New York microdistillery founded by two graduates of Cornell University. They do a few things to distinguish themselves from the outset. Firstly, the user a maceration process to impart the flavors to the gin. This seems to become more and more common among gins with exotic flavors. The more unusual distinguishing notes are the single distillation. Its marketing vogue to distill things multiple times. DH Krahn Gin makes me question the purposes of these multiple distillations- if you can make something this smooth from a single pass, why go two, three, four or more times? Anyway, I digress, but this is also the only gin I know of which is put in steel for a few months before bottling.

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