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Darjeeling Gin


There may come a point in the near future where the first distillery in _________ since Prohibition will become a quaint reminder of the past, a past where we cast of the shackles which held back creativity in spirits. Until then, Darjeeling Gin hails from California Distilled Spirits in Placer County [yep, a first since]. Their first product doesn’t disclose much in the way of botanicals [the name is a hint I think], but it does fit well within the world of craft. “Small” [yes], “curated”, [yep], “labor of love,” [it says it right on the website] are all there. How about the gin?

Tasting Notes

The nose is mildly exotic, with hints of earl grey tea, pecan sandies, cardamom, and cinnamon sugar. Slight hints of citrus on the edges lending a lemon flavored, sweetened tea sort of note. Really interesting, but quite inviting.

The palate is quite complex, with a lot of affects swirling about: slightly smoky, black tea leaves with a floral lavender-led and citrus undertone—grapefruit oil and lemon peel primarily. Juniper with a slight pine bent comes on early-mid to mid palate. The overall profile is incredibly aromatic as it crosses the palate.

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