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Think Pink Gin


Think Pink Gin isn’t just carnation pink in color, but it also boasts (right on the label) as having Natural Cranberry Flavor. 

It’s made by Marks & Spencer, a luxury food retailer headquartered in the UK. Now, before you think you know Supermarket Brands, let’s establish something. Some are actually high quality products. Aldi’s Oliver Cromwell () is pretty good for its standards, while many of the gin brands distributed by Trader Joe’s stateside are actually quite good (more on one of those in the very near term). So to say that just because it’s a supermarket brand, it must be underwhelming isn’t fair. So we’re going to give it a fair shot Even though Cranberry Flavored Gin isn’t a particularly big part of the overall gin market. Even cranberry/gin cocktails are an exception rather than the rule. So let’s think pink for a couple of moments. In today’s impression we try Marks & Spencer Cranberry Flavored Gin.


The nose is incredibly sweet, ride with fake blueberry/strawberry candy flavors and aromas. There’s a faint hint of may-be-cranberry tartness down underneath it, but the candy-like aromas dominate heavily.

The palate is incredibly sweet on first flavor, with a sharp acidic tartness building behind it.

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