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From the World of Gin, April 2013

Introducing a new feature here for this month: There’s so much happening in gin outside of what gets written about here. All throughout April, I’ve been collecting some of the biggest stories of the month, as well as reviews across mine and other sites and anything else interesting  that’s happened in gin.

Awards from the Field New Product Launches Who Else Was Talking about Gin This Week?

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Other Thoughts

Juniper, Gin and Arthritis. The gin recommendations behind the news.

Question: I’ve heard that cheap gin doesn’t have any “actual juniper” in it, but I’m looking for a gin which will hopefully have some juniper in it so I can derive the purported benefits, which include a reduction of inflammation from arthritis and other similar afflictions. Which gin has the most juniper in it?

Answer: The last part of the question is the part that I can and will answer.

Very inexpensive compound gins [on the bottom shelf usually] add juniper “flavoring” to neutral spirit. It’s technically and “legally” “gin.” But that’s not what you’re looking for.

Your next step you have your distilled gins.

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