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6 Gin Commercials that have Advanced the Cause of Gin

I’ll come clean. Before the internet, I’d never seen a gin commercial in my life. But apparently, gin commercials aren’t a new creation. They’ve been around for decades, subtly molding the minds of generations of TV watchers. So today we’re going to take a look at some of the best gin ads and what intentional and unintentional messages they may have inflicted on the receptive minds of yesteryear.

Gordon’s Gin Cinema / 1970’s

If I were a marketer in the 1970’s, I too would have surely wanted to capitalize on the success of the program “In Search Of…” and its riveting intro. Gordon’s Gin had done exactly that putting together a one minute montage of eerie sounding synths and extreme close ups of gin drinking that when taken out of context look like scenes from a nature documentary or the first televised frames of the symbols on some jade Mayan temple.

Fockink Gin / 1960s

Somethings are a whole lot more humorous out of context. One of the classic linguistic jokes of an ordinary word sounding like something decidedly more naughty in another language continues to amuse. “Fockink Gin’s commercial seems pretty standard.

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