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MxMo LXXIX: Resin the Bar


This month’s Mixology Monday theme was put up by the folks over at Booze Nerds, who wanted to nerd it up with the somewhat obscure theme of “resin.” Let me quote from the post which got the party started:

“Whatever resin means to you, we want to hear it.”

Well I’ve been looking for a good excuse to break out that bottle of Zirbenz, or even better yet my seasonal standby, the old Douglas Fir Eau de Vie.

So let me take you on the journey. Because although I got to the destination in the end, the road I walked down had dead ends which are more interesting than the final cocktail. As happens over an evening in the home bar, mixing and testing, you begin to feel the burden of your hard work: which is to say I ended up just a tad drunk by the time I came up with a drink which met my slowly lowering bar for what a “good cocktail” tastes like.

The Journey Begins

I wanted to try something fresh, so I busted out some fresh rosemary. For all of my best intentions, I came up short in locating safe pine needles [why couldn’t you have waited until next month?

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