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The Gin Wife Invents: Dare I Drink a Plum?

Dare I Drink a Plum?

Friends, the Gin Wife again. I am here to present to you an invented cocktail of mine, something with lots of rich, spice-ful flavors which I find to be perfect for the holiday season.

Dare I Drink a Plum?

2 parts Greenhook Ginsmith’s Beach Plum Gin (or any Beach Plum Gin, this is what we had around, and honestly, what was the inspiration for this drink.)

1 part Soda Water

1 half part Art in the Age’s Root Liquor (Or dashes of spiced bitters, something with good, dark, rich flavor. Something molasses-y, perhaps!)

1 generous lemon (any brand) squeeze

Combine all ingredients in a shaker, and shake it up! Pour over ice. Simple! Add a dash of cinnamon if you are feeling it.

I have a half a notion that this would also taste good heated up, but the other half of that notion is worried that the richness of the Beach Plum liquor would overwhelm, well, everything. I will have to update when I am brave enough to try.

Aaron will be discussing the Beach Plum Gin in more detail soon! As for my notes: I liked it. I like plum and plum-like flavors.

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Rendezvous Cocktail

Oh Go.shBest Bartender EverDr BambooThe Martini Book, by Sally Ann Berk Gin3 parts3 parts3 parts6 parts Cherry Heering1 part Cherry Brandy1 part2 parts Kirschwasser1 part Shake well with ice and fine strain in to a cocktail glass. Garnish with a fresh cherry Fill a mixing glass with ice. Add the ingredients and shake. Strain into a chilled cocktail glass and garnish with a Lemon twist.Combine liquids in a shaker with ice, shake and strain. Garnish with cherries. Campari1/2 part1 part1/2 part1 part

This recipe was found in Sally Ann Berk’s The Martini Book. I’m not sure the precise origins, but this is actually a rather surprising little drink. The Campari takes the medicinal edge off of the Cherry Heering/ Brandy/Kirschwasser.

Bu first, there’s actually a substantial difference between the Cherry spirits used across the three drinks.

A review:

Kirschwasser: clear and colorless German brandy made from a kind of sour cherry. The cherries are fermented with their pits. The result is a cherry flavored, but not sweet brandy. Often called “Kirsch” for short.

Cherry Heering: dark red cherry liqueur, not overly sweet, but slightly medicinal. Considered by some to be the “best” of the dark cherry liqueurs.

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