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Cold River Gin


Since I’ve last written about a gin from Maine, I’ve had the pleasure of spending some time exploring the beautiful state. In April 2012, my wife and I took the scenic route up the coast (Route 1 and the scenic bypasses) driving through small coastal town after small coastal town. The weather was a hair cool, with a spring wind blowing off the ocean. There were a few people walking the beaches in brightly colored windbreakers; kids flying kites, folks playing fetch with their dogs. Idyllic, peaceful, surely the quiet before the lobster stands open and the crowds of summer return. Although I was disappointed that there was no fresh lobster [yes, I know I was early], I felt like I got to see a little bit of what Maine was all about, in particular Freeport, Maine which is along the oceanic coast.¬†Next time, I want to venture inland, but for now we get to the reason why you’re here.

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