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What do I drink For? The Kentucky Derby

The Derby Cocktail Sure this cocktail might be more apropos for a horse race in England, but hear me out hear.

2 oz Gin [preferably dry, and definitely chilled is best] 2 Dashes of Peach Bitters [Fee makes a good one] 2 sprigs of fresh mint Stir and strain into a cocktail class. Optional: Garnish with an Olive according to the original source; later versions of the cocktail omit this element.  

So is this peachy, slightly minty, but mostly still just a very dry martini too boozy for you? Let’s try another cocktail that might be a bit easier on the old palette.

Cherry Julep Ahh, the bastard child of the Kentucky Derby staple, “Mint Julep.” Gone is the bourbon; in comes the gin. Plenty of sweetening elements that make it a bit more of a hot May afternoon sort of cocktail

2 oz.

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