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Williams Chase Seville Orange Gin


Seville Orange photo from K.B.R. on Flickr.

Not just any orange gin, the Seville Orange is worth a closer look as its not the orange you’re probably thinking of. But this kind of orange often does appear in gin.

Let’s begin: there’s a large class of oranges known as “bitter oranges.” These include the Chinotto [yes, the beverage], the Bergamot, and a famous variety known by its hybrid name which is also the signature orange/citrus flavor of Grand Marnier.

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Gin Reviews

Chase Single Botanical Gin

juniper vodka

Q. When is a gin also a vodka?

Q. When is a vodka also a gin?

Chase Distillery probes at the “uncanny valley” of the cocktail world, that place where gin and vodka intersect, where their similarities put on display for all to see.

A. Gin, by law, is required merely to have juniper added to it. Yep, that’s all. While terminologies such as “London Dry,” “London Cut,” “Distilled” and others seek to more specifically indicate what a gin is and should be, the law is pretty clear on it. You can add juniper to vodka and you technically have a gin. And what happens when you add natural herbal flavorings to a vodka? You get a whole host of spirits that rang from Aquavit, to other so called botanical vodkas, to gin.

Tasting Notes

My advice is not to look too hard. You know the only botanical: it’s juniper. As we saw previously with the Origin series of gins from Master of Malt, the expression of juniper on its own can differ, and in some ways quite radically.

The nose is piney and bright, but with a certain delicateness that calls to mind other herbal aromas, with a touch of lemony sweetness.

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