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I wanted to title this feature “IT CAME FROM THE BOTTOM SHELF.” You know, give it a bit of a “B-Movie” sort of feel. But in retrospect I was uncertain whether or not that may be fair. I want to be a neutral reviewer of gin and give all gin an equal chance. There’s a whole lot more than just quality that goes into shelf position. Sometimes the big brand names get the prime real estate. Sometimes its simply about price. Other times it alphabetical, promotional, capricious, etc. There’s no reason, so I want to come and approach Carnaby’s gin with an open mind. So here we are Carnaby. You and your plastic bottle. What do you have to offer us gin drinkers of the world?

First Impressions The scent of Carnaby’s gin remarkably unoffensive and neutral. There’s a faint hint of juniper, but not much else. There’s not even a strong scent indicating that this is alcohol from the outset.

What’s Supposed to be in Here/What were you expecting? I try and go in cold most of the time. I try not to know what the botanicals are when I go into a review.

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