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Old Raj (55%)

old raj blue

This review is only for the 55% ABV version of Old Raj.I have not had the 46% version. Though the 55% shares much in common with its lower ABV sister, they are different products. This one is the blue one, the other one is red. Now that we’ve cleared that up….

Old Raj begins with a classic set of botanicals among which are juniper, citrus, coriander, cassia, and other classics. But what really sets it apart is is slight golden tint, which is a result of the post-distillation addition of saffron.

In some Saffron gins, I’ve felt that the balance in favor of the Saffron was too one-sided

This isn’t the first saffron-infused gin that we’ve reviewed. Most notably, Gabriel Boudier’s with its vivid tangerine hue (sure to stand out in any bar). I was critical of saffron gin previously as I felt that the prominent stage that was given to the saffron- a definitively non-traditional gin flavor- made it a difficult sell in most gin cocktails. This is where I think Old Raj excels: it puts the balance back into the gin and makes a gin which excels in mixing as a normal gin, but one that has enough saffron to make a difference.

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