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Bulldog Gin and Tonic

Bulldog Gin is a fantastic gin for the those looking for a very smooth gin at a very affordable price. Tonics can vary pretty wildly in terms of strength of flavor. Some can be overpowering, with the urge to be stars in their own right.  Others play nicely with others.

For this Gin and Tonic we put Bulldog to the test with Fentiman’s Tonic, who fits squarely in the former category. How can Bulldog’s mild juniper notes and smoothness work with against a bold competitor? Can It hold its own?

Of course it can, but here’s how

For this to work and highlight Bulldog’s strengths, you’re going to want to scale bit on the tonic a bit. I would advise going no more than 2 parts tonic to 1 part gin. Even less may make a cocktail which is more of a sipping cocktail than tall drink, but it is one where the floral notes of the Bullldog really come to shine.

I added one whole half of a lime to this. Bulldog’s not overpowering on the citrus, but is very receptive to the inclusion of even more lime than the standard gin and tonic.

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