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Gin News [October 18th, 2013]


Fall is in full swing, but things are quiet over at the Gin is In. You can’t do a review when you can’t taste, so this cold is keeping a couple of almost finished reviews on the back burner. Until I can finish those up, let’s see what everyone else has been talking about in the World of Gin….

What’s New?

Who Else is talking about Gin?

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Bulldog Gin


First, I want to thank Billy Silverman over at Bulldog Gin for sending us a bottle. I’d seen the subway ads around New York City, but I’d never quite got around to buying a bottle. I’m glad he did, because I think Bulldog Gin does a lot of things very well. Now I can see what I was missing.

Bulldog gin hails from London, and that designation alone carries a lot of baggage. London Dry is the classic style of gin; the style which embodies everything that gin is supposed to be: the prickly juniper, the fresh citrus. When I looked at the Bulldog bottle, these expectations and preconceived notions were all on the table.

Let’s begin Tasting

The scent is deceiving and immediately said, “this may not be the London Dry you’re expecting.” It was fresh, almost floral. First taste revealed that Bulldog’s London Dry roots are still evident. The taste is very mellow, very drinkable. Juniper is forefront in my estimation, but not overwhelming. Its very nice and well balanced. Neat you get a bit of the richness of the poppy, the coriander. Hints of warm spice come out.

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