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The Craft of Gin

Announcing The Craft of Gin: by Aaron J. Knoll and David T. Smith.

In Collaboration with David T. Smith, my partner and co-author, we’re proud to announce the release of our first book.

The Craft of Gin is an introduction to the world of gin. It includes a history of the spirit, interviews with distillers, tasting notes for over 50 gins with special emphasis on U.S. Craft gins [thirty gins from thirty states] and a list of the quintessential gin cocktails.

This book came out of our “50 States of Gin” tasting from last summer and is hopefully the first in a series of partnerships between myself and David.

Available at Barnes and Available at

Stay Tuned to The Gin is In, Summer Fruit Cup and The Craft of Gin website for details and updates.

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Book Review: All the Gin Joints

I had the pleasure of receiving a review copy of Michael Turback’s latest book All the Gin Joints: New Spins on Gin from America’s Best Bars. Casablanca reference aside, All the Gin Joints looks firmly forward into the present and future of gin mixology.

There’s a bevy of cocktail books out there for the interested mixologist- many of them quite good.  Many of these catch-all cocktail compendiums tend to offer some ratios for the standards (Tom Collins, Negronis, etc)  with perhaps a few elegant variations or nuances. Some dig up exotic cocktails from long forgotten dusty cocktail manuscripts, working furiously to make them historical or to chart their paths through history. All the Gin Joints does none of this, and succeeds brilliantly shining a light on the bold and innovative cocktail craft as practiced by some of today’s best bartenders (Turback even provides a comprehensive list of contributing bartenders in the back of the book, identified by city).

This book is not necessarily a cocktail book for the casual home bartender. Only a small portion of the cocktails in this book would be within the reach of the average person with access to a neighborhood grocer and liquor store.

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Negroni Week: The Awards

As I’ve talked at length about Negronis both this week and over the course of the nearly 2 year history of this blog. So I thought, why not declare some of my favorites.

Best Individual Negroni (at a bar): The Winter Negroni at Raines Law Room. (written about in June 2011)

The cocktails on the menu rotate seasonally, so I wouldn’t expect to walk in there and order this drink today. In fact, although I wrote about this in June, I first sampled this delightful cocktail in Spring of this year. The point of difference that made this cocktail stand out was limited edition Beefeater’s Winter Edition gin, with nutmeg and citrus which caused it to really stand out. But also the expert preparation and the full-glass circular ice cubes that Raines’ Law Room uses.

Best Place to Order a Negroni (any Negroni): Amor Y Amargo(written about July 2011)

Between the housemade Vermouth, the wide array of Amaros and an expert selection of classic gin this might be one of the best places I know to order a Negroni. The wide diversity in ingredients, which most bars treat as a specialty item and have perhaps one kind of vermouth; one kind of bitters.

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Holiday Gift Guide 2010: Books

2010 has been a good year. I’ve read a lot, and more importantly, I’ve drank a lot. But I know not everyone has been as fortunate as I was this year, so I’ve created a gift guide so that you can help yourself (and others) catch up with the year in cocktailing 2010.

Literature for the gin-lover in your life.

My favorite book of 2010 has to be Jason Wilson’s Boozehound. While not strictly “gin-centric,” Wilson takes the reader on a travel narrative style  journey around the world of booze. For me, this book opened up the once mysterious world of aperitifs and digestifs. But his journeys take him far and wide and to every drink under the sun (except vodka). Highly recommended reading for anyone in your life who enjoyed traveling, drinking, and both. Link: $15.63

I have a ton of cocktail books. I also read a ton of cocktail blogs. To get me to buy a cocktail book it takes something rather special. How to Booze: Exquisite Cocktails and Unsound Advice is that special kind of cocktail book. For every malady of love and life, Jordan Kaye and Marshall Altier recommend the perfect drink.

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