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Star of Bombay London Dry Gin


To understand how Bombay Sapphire got its name, you must start at a place somewhat unexpected. The girl with the curls a.k.a. Mary Pickford was one of the most prominent silent Hollywood actresses. In 1909 alone, she appeared in fifty-one films, by 1916 it was said that only Charlie Chaplin was more popular. She starred in fifty two films throughout her career, earning a vast amount of wealth playing an all manner of character.

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Gin Reviews

Bombay Amber


Perhaps the best part of doing this new series of impressions is that I no longer have to hold back on sharing some tasting notes, just because I don’t have a full bottle of the gin. While I’d love to spend some time tasting Bombay Amber in a series of cocktails, it’s really just not plausible. That is unless I’m able to schedule a flight which connects/goes to Las Vegas, Toronto, Singapore, or Sydney. Though I’ve been doing a fair amount of traveling this year, those cities have eluded me. For now. Though I’ve got my eye on you Sydney.

I’ll spare you my thoughts on travel retail*, and get down to the gin.

In <100 Words

Take the standard Bombay Dry Gin [] botanical blend, and add smoky black cardamom, nutmeg, and the zest of a type of bitter orange. Could it be Seville? Myrtle Orange? Or maybe even Amara? My money is on Seville orange. It is then aged in oak barrels, which formerly held French Vermouth. The bottle is distinctive, unlike anything else, and as with Sapphire and East, it looks as if Bombay is pushing the envelope slightly further than it really is.

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Gin News [October 11th, 2013]

What’s New?

In a ridiculous case of possibly the most unfortunate timing in the world for a gin writer, I had dinner at Washington D.C.’s Founding Farmer’s restaurant on Sunday night. And just four days later, they launch their own gin, distilled at the Copper Fox Distillery in Virginia.  Available at the restaurant after October 22nd. North Carolina’s outstanding Cardinal Gin joined the Barrel Aging fray with their recently released Cardinal Barrel Rested Gin. If you’re fortunate enough to be located in the Carolinas, check it out and let me know how it is. Recently reviewed Ungava Gin has gone international, now available in 55 countries. And c’mon UK folks. You know you’re thinking holiday season already, and you know what that means? Master of Malt’s annual collaboration with The Gin Blog’s Ginvent Calendar. None of the spirits are new, but the calendar is. And it’s a great way to get to know 24 gins, some old favorites, some new.

Who Else is talking about gin?

Gin is no longer stuffy, uptight and old seeming, who would have thought? The telepgraph chronicles gin’s ascension from being “as cool as granny’s sherry*” to the choice of the “adventurous drinker.

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Gin Reviews

Bombay Sapphire

bombay sapphire bottle

Perhaps the single frequently requested gin review is this little number right here. I’ve mostly stayed clear of it out of respect. I know its a great gateway gin, and I give it a lot of credit for helping to show a generation of gin drinkers that gin can be more complex and have notes that are other than just juniper. If someone I meet says “yeah I drink gin,” odds are this gin is among their favorites. I’ve never really felt the need to critique or laud a gin who clearly doesn’t need me to waste type on them. This is the second most widely drank gin in the world today.

But here I am, giving into the call. I’m reviewing that gin which has turned I would guess millions on to gin, and a gin which I honestly will admit to being the first gin behind a bar that I recognized a decade ago as a gin that I could and would want to be seen drinking.


This is a Bombay Gin so of course the botanicals are clearly labeled on the bottle. This is another one of the revolutions in gin to which we owe Bombay some credit.

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Gin Reviews

Bombay Dry Gin

bombay-bottle (1)

Today we’re going mainstream.


I know a lot of folks like to hear about craft gins, but I also know there’s been a lot of “what do you think about this gin,” where this is a gin that you can find on the shelf of every liquor store worth its salt from sea to shining sea on both sides of the Atlantic.

Today, we’re going to look at Bombay Dry Gin. You might know the name better from the Sapphire blend which was among the pioneers in putting all the botanicals clearly on the back of the bottle [something Bombay Dry does now also] and one of the first crossover gins designed to appeal to folks who don’t really dig the juniper forward gins of yore.

First and foremost, this is a gin of yore. Juniper forward, this is a gin that is classic in style though has a few flourishes to set it apart. Let’s get to the tasting notes, shall we?

Tasting Notes. Neat we have lemon fresh and lots of juniper. Strongly gin like. The lemon notes seem to overwhelm and dominate the nose on this at the end.

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