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Bombay Dry Gin

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Today we’re going mainstream.


I know a lot of folks like to hear about craft gins, but I also know there’s been a lot of “what do you think about this gin,” where this is a gin that you can find on the shelf of every liquor store worth its salt from sea to shining sea on both sides of the Atlantic.

Today, we’re going to look at Bombay Dry Gin. You might know the name better from the Sapphire blend which was among the pioneers in putting all the botanicals clearly on the back of the bottle [something Bombay Dry does now also] and one of the first crossover gins designed to appeal to folks who don’t really dig the juniper forward gins of yore.

First and foremost, this is a gin of yore. Juniper forward, this is a gin that is classic in style though has a few flourishes to set it apart. Let’s get to the tasting notes, shall we?

Tasting Notes. Neat we have lemon fresh and lots of juniper. Strongly gin like. The lemon notes seem to overwhelm and dominate the nose on this at the end.

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Other Thoughts

How I do Gin Reviews

Over the years, a few people have asked me a bit about “how I do my reviews,” so as I prepare to do a review on Bombay Dry Gin, I thought I’d take you on a bit of a tour of what the actual tasting process looks like.

I think it’s exceptionally important to look at every gin from two perspectives: the characteristics that every gin has in itself. This I look at by tasting every gin neat, although I recognize a majority of readers do not prefer their gin neat. Secondly, I look at the way it reacts with ingredients in other cocktails. I do cherry pick a little outside of the few that I always try: Martini, G&T and Negroni. Other cocktails are chosen because I think they might challenge the gin [force it outside its comfort zone a bit] or might really highlight something the distiller was trying to bring out in the gin. Cocktails are important because that is how most gin is drank, but they also are the hardest to accurately describe. I try and keep it at the level of “how does it highlight the gin,” rather than “what notes are given off as part of overall affect.” This is because I’m reviewing the gin, and and because if you and I make an Aviation.

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