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G’vine, Nouaison

The first thing you’ll notice about G’vine gins is that this isn’t your standard Beefeater or Tangueray. You also don’t need to have a wine drinker’s palate to recognize that there’s something grapey and floral about the taste of this gin. It has just enough hint of a tart sweetness to make the gin interesting no matter how you mix it.

Firstly, in a tonic Nouaison really shines. ¬†Since the flavor of the gin is so strong and sweet, I suggest going easy on the lime juice or even leaving it out altogether. This gin has such a strong flavor, that though it pairs well with other flavors, such as in a Tom Collins, it doesn’t stand out so much that I would recommend it over a more inexpensive option. It stands strongly on its own, which makes it an excellent choice for a classic martini. It is exceptionally smooth, even when consumed straight. Its exceptionally fragrant- so much so that I may go as far to say this is the kind of gin you can serve to friends who don’t like gin. Consider it a gateway.

Price:~$40 Best consumed: Straight or with Tonic Website: Availability: Fairly uncommon.

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