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Bourbon Barreled Big Gin


Bourbon Barreled Big Gin. 100% Corn base spirit, with a relatively traditional botanical bill buoyed by Tasmanian Pepperberry and Cardamom, the folks at Captive Spirits Distilling rest their flagship gin in barrels formerly used by Heaven Hill Distillery for their Bourbon.

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Tonic Water

Bradley’s Bourbon Barrel Aged Kina Tonic

Bradley's Kinda Barrel Aged Tonic Syrup

We’ve reviewed Bradley’s Kina Tonic () here before, and well we quite liked it. Like a lot. So naturally, we’re excited about their latest offering, a first as far as we know, a tonic syrup aged in barrels which held Bourbon and after that Big Gin (). Yes, that is a lot of stars between the two of them.

Tasting Notes

The nose is fresh with a lot of vibrancy. Orange oil, hints of ginger and fresh tree bark. It has a summery, backyard sort of aroma to it. Bright citrus at first, lemon and orange, with a lemongrass/lemon verbena note in the middle. Wood comes through mid-palate, with shades of cedar and cherry. Cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves and even a dash of lavender. The finish is clean, and brisk with the quinine being remarkably subtle.

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Gin News [August 17th, 2013]

New Product Launches

Awards From the Field

Who Else Was Talking about Gin this Week?

Gin Reviews from Other Writers

Quote of the Week

We also find there that people collect gin, in the way that some men collect whisky” [source]

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Gin News [July 5th, 2013]

Awards from the Field New Product Launches Out Now:

If you’re in the UK, it was a big week for gin launched with the Imbibe Live Bar show featuring several new brands.

Who Else Was Talking about Gin This Week?
    It was a quiet week for gin news, but Forbes did a piece on gin facts which range from interesting and relatively unknown [fact #5] and only half true today, and becoming less true every month [fact #4]. Slate’s Kara Newman tries to defend lower proof spirits and contemplates what the trend towards Navy Strength spirits says about drinkers’ palates. Bombay Sapphire is trying to tell the story of the botanicals in its gin in rather new and interesting ways.

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Other Thoughts

ADI’s 7th Annual Judging of American Craft Spirits, Gin Winners

Congratulations to all the winners across all of the categories for the American Distilling Institute’s 7th annual judging of American craft spirits. Below you’ll find a list of the winners from the gin category with links to reviews where applicable.

It seems a fantastic list with a lot of great gins represented as well as a tribute to the vast amount of high quality gin that’s coming out across these United States. Hopefully in the coming months we’ll be able to fill in the gaps with reviews for all of the winners.

In the meantime, congrats again to the winners and hope you’re all enjoying some of this great gin. Cheers!


Best of Category: Rock Town Distillery – Brandon’s Gin (silver)


Best of Category:  Captive Spirits Distilling – Big Gin (gold)

Bull Run Distilling – Aria Portland Dry Gin (gold)

Veracity Spirits – Vivacity Native Gin (silver)


Best of Category: Myer Farm Distillers – Myer Farm Gin (silver)

Dancing Pines Ditillery – Gin (silver)

Dancing Tree Distillery – Gin (silver)

Treaty Oak Distilling – Waterloo Gin (silver)

Corsair Artisan – Steampunk (bronze)

Maine Distilleries – Cold River Traditional Gin (bronze)

StilltheOne Distillery – Jarhead Gin (bronze)


Best of Category and Best in Show: Valentine Distilling Co.

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Top 10s

Top 10 Gins, overall – 2012 Chart

This is our annual look at our top 10 favorite gins of all time for the year 2012.

# LW 2W Title —

1 1 1 Martin Miller’s Westbourne Strength Gin    Its going to be hard to displace this gin from the top perch of my chart, but let me say, in this past year there were a lot of worthy competitors for this title. I still love the blend of juniper, citrus and the subtle sweetness that cucumber brings to this gin. Refreshing, invigorating  and it works in every cocktail.Quote from review: “Miller’s gin balances a crisp clean Juniper flavor with a  hint of Citrus sweetness. These two flavors are in such perfect harmony, that Miller’s is the epitome of versatility in gin.“ 2 – – St. George’s Terroir Gin    Those of you going straight off of my “ratings” may be surprised to see a gin that I gave 4.5 stars to rising above others that I gave five to, but let me offer you this. The way that this flavor sticks with you, vividly in your memory long after the bottle is finished is exactly why this gin ranks so highly in my book.

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Top 10s

Biggest New Gin Launches of 2012

Considering the sheer mass and quality of gins that came out in 2011, 2012 has a nearly impossible standard to live up to. That being said, though I think there were fewer super-high-profile launches in 2012, there’s been several quite good ones. So to celebrate the end of the year that was in gin 2012, we’re taking a look back at some of the biggest, best, and more important launches of this past year.

# Distillery Name – —

1 Greenhook Ginsmiths American Dry Gin  Reviewed April 2nd  If you thought the New York distillery scene couldn’t support another gin, you would have been wrong. Though perhaps I’m biased because I live in New York, this was one of the higher profile names that came out this past year. Their cold temperature vacuum distilling and bright contemporary flavor set it apart and helped the gin earn its keep among the crowded craft gin shelves of New York city. 2  New Columbia Distillers  Green Hat Gin  [coming soon]  Another one of the fairly high profile launches this past year was the first distillery in Washington D.C. since prohibition. The gin blogosphere was buzzing weeks before the launch with the information that we’d soon be seeing this gin on shelves.

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Gin Reviews

Big Gin


On the eve of the 50 States of Gin tasting, fellow writer David [of Summer Fruit Cup] and I made one final stop at the package depot to pick up the last few gins that had come in time for our tasting. We walked that mile home carrying a few gins we bought at the store, all of our Navy Strength and Barrel-Aged Gins that we had schlepped to Brooklyn, and a last few boxes. One of these last arrivals was Captive Spirits’ Big Gin.

Although none of us had tried Big Gin before the tasting, and although it was in one of  the final heats [due to us tasting in order of the States’s admittance to the union, Washington joining the states in November of 1889] Big Gin managed to wow us and win a very competitive heat, despite our weary gin tested taste buds.

So how did it manage to win us over? Simply put, Big Gin was as one reviewed noted “big.”

The Tasting Immediately, one noticed that the nose of Big Gin is strong and assertive. You can catch the sweet aroma of juniper as you pour the gin.  

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50 States of Gin: The Winners of Each Round

Naturally, when there’s 30+ gins to be tasted it cannot be done all at once. As much as we’d like to try, to do a proper tasting our livers and mental capacities just couldn’t take it. So in order to give every gin a proper tasting and a fair shot, we spread it out into 6 mini tastings over the course of a long day. So as promised, here’s a recap of what we tasted side by side and with what–  and I’ll share with you my top two from each heat.

For full gin reviews of every gin covered in the 50 States of Gin tasting, you’ll have to stay tuned to the Gin is In this fall. If my first post was the 10 miles high overview, this is the one from 50,000 feet. The full reviews will be on the ground: up close and personal.

Heat #1 ///

The Participants: Dogfish Head Jin from Delaware [the nation’s first state, I’m sure you see where we’re going with this], Pennsylvania’s Bluecoat Gin, Southern Gin from Georgia, Gale Force Gin from Masscahussetts and finally, New Hampshire’s Karner Blue gin.

Overall a strong opening.

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