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Larios 12 Botanicals Premium Gin

Spain - Larios 12 Botanicals Premium Gin

Recently, I was taken to task by an anonymous commenter. The gist was as followed: you’ve called several gins the “best selling gin in the world.” Yes, many are. Gordon’s () is one of the best selling gins in the English-speaking world, and the best-selling gin in the world in terms of overall numbers over the life of the brand. And then there’s Ginebra San Miguel (), which in turn (in terms of volume, units sold) is the best-selling gin in the world, in terms of year over year sales. And then we have Larios, owned by Beam Suntory, which is the best selling gin in Spain, and in terms of units, among the best selling gins in the world year over year. But this impression is of their upscale offering featuring 12 botanicals.

This was going to end up in the forthcoming book (!), but due to some complications it ended up not making it in. So Instead, we’ll take a look at it here.


The nose is bright and awash with orange blossoms and coriander. Quite nice, very inviting, and decidedly contemporary.

The palate is still bright with lots of citrus: a melange of tangelo, orange, and particularly Minneola.

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