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Cocktails By Consensus: Honolulu Cocktail #2

Savoy Cocktail BookMade ManSotally ToberIdrink Gin1 part1 part1 part1 part Benedictine1 part1 part1 part1 part Maraschino1 part1 part1 part (says "Maraschino cherry, but I will give them the benefit of a doubt here)1 part Garnishlemon twist-mint leaves Shake well and strain.stir with ice and strain. stir with ice and strain.mix together with crushed ice, and add garnish.

In the Savoy Cocktail book, there are some obscure drinks whose name origins and references are lost to time. To every Corpse Reviver #2, there is a #1.

While the Honolulu Cocktail #1 contains vaguely tropical things, the #2 comes from seemingly out of nowhere. Maraschino? Benedictine? and of course gin. I’d say the only this drink has going for it is that its equal parts and therefore easy to remember.

But you’d probably be best off forgetting this one.

An almost saccharine, confusing blend of sweet cherry and herbs overpower the gin. Pretty much any gin just falls down here. Its a weird drink, and one whose mysterious name origins are just as opaque as why someone would mix these ingredients in this way.


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