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Behind the bar with Aviation Gin

It almost seems too obvious. Make an Aviation with Aviation. But I had to be difficult. and/or different. No! We were not going to put it to work replicating the drink that by its very name it should be delicious in! We’re going to make another classic: the Tom Collins.

Setting the Scene: Its New Years eve, and we’re having a “get together” where we will be enjoying “adult beverages.” Most of the attendees are going to be drinking “Margaritas” (note the quotes, please) and I am looking for something that is going to be easy to make over the course of the night. So when Dick Clark is counting the ticks off the clock, I need to be able to make one quick. I mix up the simple syrup (made waaaaaay too much for one) and I bought one of those lemon shaped containers. I know, bartending snobs feel free to turn your nose up at me. “How uncouth…” At home I have a carbonator so I can carbonate my own water. Usually I do 3-4 pumps, so that my water is twice as effervescent, thereby requiring less.

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