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Gin News [November 22nd, 2013]


Thanksgiving is right around the corner for those of you in the states, and Hanukkah as well. So although none of this week’s articles or launches celebrate either of those two holidays, there’s a couple of new gins out there: one from the US, another from the UK, one from Australia and a Canadian launch as well. So truly a worldwide sort of week in the world of gin.

What’s New?

Who Else is talking about gin this week?

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Gin News, [August 24th, 2013]

New Product Launches

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What do I drink for? Canada Day

Well we here at The Gin is In celebrate craft distilling and gin in general. And lately we’ve been super focused on the United States. Partly because that’s where our offices our located: sunny New York City!

But if we hearken back to my childhood, you might be surprised to know that I could see Canada from my porch*

So considering when I was younger that as teenagers [young teenagers, if I recall correctly] we could just walk over the bridges, spend an evening in Clifton Hill and come back. I’d go to concerts in Toronto several times a year. All of the people in Buffalo who have vacation home [Buffalonian “Cottage”] had them up in Canada. Crystal Beach, Point Colborne, Wasaga Beach and so on. When we went to the beach, we went to Canada. [all in those wonderful pre 9/11 days, now Canada is seriously treated like another country] I remember walking over the bridge to see the Tea Party at the Friendship Festival, a celebration that commemorates our nations’ friendships and the fact that our national holidays come the same weekend. So since I paid tribute and offered drink suggestions for Independence Day this year, today my close friend to the North.

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