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Bar Programs are a dime a dozen at restaurants these days, with every looking to be a little bit of “everything” to everyone. But focused bar programs, those are exceptionally hard to find. So although I would say, Oceana’s selection of other spirits are quite good in some places [whiskey?] their gin program stands head and shoulders above. Because it’s not just the gin selection which is stellar, but the attention paid to gin’s two major drinks which everyone knows that helps Oceana stand out as a place for a gin drinker in New York City to seek out.

First, the selection. It was excellent, with almost 50 gins spanning both sides of the Atlantic. Most stunning to me was that they had Berkshire Mountain’s Ethereal Gin Batch No. 4 as one of their more inexpensive options. An out of production, never to be seen again, excellent gin just sitting there? Their other options included stateside standbys like Corsair, Greylock, Farmer’s and Terroir (to name a couple, warning .pdf). Plenty of classic gins from Europe were represented on the stellar menu, including several of our 4.5 and 5 star reviews.

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