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ADI’s 7th Annual Judging of American Craft Spirits, Gin Winners

Congratulations to all the winners across all of the categories for the American Distilling Institute’s 7th annual judging of American craft spirits. Below you’ll find a list of the winners from the gin category with links to reviews where applicable.

It seems a fantastic list with a lot of great gins represented as well as a tribute to the vast amount of high quality gin that’s coming out across these United States. Hopefully in the coming months we’ll be able to fill in the gaps with reviews for all of the winners.

In the meantime, congrats again to the winners and hope you’re all enjoying some of this great gin. Cheers!


Best of Category: Rock Town Distillery – Brandon’s Gin (silver)


Best of Category:  Captive Spirits Distilling – Big Gin (gold)

Bull Run Distilling – Aria Portland Dry Gin (gold)

Veracity Spirits – Vivacity Native Gin (silver)


Best of Category: Myer Farm Distillers – Myer Farm Gin (silver)

Dancing Pines Ditillery – Gin (silver)

Dancing Tree Distillery – Gin (silver)

Treaty Oak Distilling – Waterloo Gin (silver)

Corsair Artisan – Steampunk (bronze)

Maine Distilleries – Cold River Traditional Gin (bronze)

StilltheOne Distillery – Jarhead Gin (bronze)


Best of Category and Best in Show: Valentine Distilling Co.

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Which Gin works best in Which Cocktail [re-version, July 2012]

A few years ago (and with a much more limited scope of gin experience!) I took a first shot at trying to figure out which gins worked best in a series of classic gin cocktails. Since that initial attempt, I have tried more gins than I can even attempt to count, and I’ve been waiting for the chance to revise my initial list and offer a more nuanced take on how gin works in each of these cocktails.

These cocktails have become my “canon” for reviewing a gin. They’re the old-standbys, the familiar friends whose ingredients I always have in stock. They’re the cocktails that you can go into any bar with its salt and order (perhaps the lone exception in my cabinet may be the “Last Word,” but I digress. The cocktails in the Gin Cocktail Canon are: The Gin and Tonic, Tom Collins, Gimlet,  Negroni, Aviation, Martini and The Last Word. All are fine cocktails and all worthy uses of your gin. But with so many new contemporary gins out there and bold experiments on the classic London Dry out there, it is no longer safe to assume that all gins are created equal.

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