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Myanmar Dry Gin

Myanmar Gin

Every now and then as a gin writer you get an opportunity to try something that you never would have even thought about trying if it wasn’t for the writing. Or try something you didn’t know existed. Here’s one of those examples. Distilled, blended and bottled by the Peace Myanmar Group Co. Ltd. (established in 1993, and the gin(!) was one of its flagship products at launch), we have Myanmar Dry Gin.

First and foremost, a shoutout to my friend Angelo who picked this up for me while he was working on his own research in Myanmar.

Tasting Notes

There’s this absolutely crazy, unexpected top note in here. It fades really quickly, (<30 seconds after the pour, but when you first open the bottle- wow). Sweet lemon, orange, but heavier on the lime, redolent of candy- familiar in a really unexpected way. Recognizably familiar, but not really in the world of gin nose vocabulary. I also wrote down “fruit punch.” (the for-kids sweetened drink from the supermarket). There’s some more usual gin notes a bit buried at the end of the nose. But really weird, leaning contemporary at first sniff.

On the palate, it’s first worth noting that the quality of the spirit is a little lesser than we’re used to.

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