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What is Balance in a gin?

Where juniper peaks on palate

I like to draw. Not really so much the figures and scenes sort of drawing. But when I try to explain an idea. When something is abstract and kind of unclear. After about thirty seconds of explanation my instinct is to reach for some sort of pen or marker, a napkin or a whiteboard, and try to begin illustrating what I’m thinking.

Tasting spirits is a somewhat arcane and mysterious practice. Millions of words most certainly have been spent, in equal parts, peeling away the layers of the craft and muddying the waters with technical language and obscure techniques. A lot of what we do here at the Gin is In is opinion based. Giving gin “five star ratings,” or saying these are our “top 10” of a certain type. That’s our point of view and we stand by it.

But there’s an element of objectivity at work here as well. Previously we’ve tried to add visualizations to clarify the presence of certain “key characteristics” of a gin with our Pentagon Rating Tool, now seen on every review. And then we’ve tried to map all gins on a continuous pair of spectra to see how gins are dissimilar or related.

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