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Cocktails by Consensus: The Army Navy Cocktail

Army Navy Cocktail

Daily TipplerNo. 209The BollardDiffords Guide Gin2 oz. (or Genever)2 oz.4 oz.2 shots Lemon Juice1/2 oz.3/4 oz.1.5 oz.1/2 shot Orgeat1/2 oz.3/4 oz.1 oz.1/4 shot Angoustra Bitters2 dashes GarnishLemon Twist Mineral Water1/2 oz.

Almond is one flavor which I think is particularly underused  in cocktail mixology. I’d likely chalk this up to a couple of things. Amaretto is cloying, over-sweet, and does not mix particularly well with gin. Two, the flavor that I (and many others) consider to be almond is a peculiar mouth filling sweetness. Nearly impossible to get from the nuts yourself. So when you do find a gin cocktail which uses almond and does it this well you stop and take pause. I believe the use of Orgeat is largely responsible for this. Let’s take a detour and look at Orgeat:

What is Orgeat?! It is a syrup made from a combination of sweeteners and aromatics. Almonds, sugar, rose water and orange flower water.  The word Orgeat literally stems from the latin which indicates “with Barley.” The original version was actually made from raw barley and then later sweetened with sugar. The almonds were added much later as a substitute for the barley.

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